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We offer fantastic paving solutions to your garden problems. Paving is an extremely important part of your garden. Paving can give you space for garden furniture while also providing somewhere to stand without damaging any plants you may have growing in your garden. We can offer a wide range of paving options to suit your garden and your taste.

Whether it’s your driveway, your parking lot or your business, it’s the first things visitors see and how well your property exterior is maintained is considered to be a reflection on you. If you need a complete paving or just a small patch, we will be happy to carry out the work to meet your requirements.

All our paving work is carried out to the highest quality standards by our own skilled and experienced team, using only top notch materials.

This pavement features gree lime stones with white granite sets, red brick walls and white granite caps.

This paving features yellow lime stones. In the garden there is brick walls, ballyluck stones, railway slippers, flower beds and artificial grass.

Back garden Fossil mint stone circle paving slabs ,Ballyluck stones

Testimonial –

“Victor did paving in the back of my garden and I was very happy about the job he done. I recommend Victor to all my friends”.

PJ O’ Connor D 14 ph 0861056913

Concrete paving also available.

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