Landscaping Project – Shankill

This is one of our landscaping projects.

In this medium sized Shankill garden the difference good gardening makes is night and day. Before, the garden was messy, cramped and dark. After, it is clean, spacious and bright. We started with digging out a pathway to the left of the garden where we would place down tiles. In the garden there are two metal openings that could have been for the electrical mains. It wasn’t too tricky to overcome this, we just cut some tiles slightly different that the others. The garden needed something to brighten it up, the easiest way to achieve this was by painting the wall a light colour. It goes to show that something as small as painting a wall can have a huge impact. We created some potting areas in the garden in the corners and along the sides. These are elevated from the garden itself and are bordered with wood.

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